9 Soldiers Killed In Helicopter Crashes

Nine U.S. service men were killed when two Black Hawk helicopters crashed during a training mission at Fort Campbell, KY. They were medical evacuation choppers, but it is believed they crashed during a routine training mission. There were four total aircraft involved in the mission, and the two copters crashed in an open field without any ground damage or casualties. The other two were on the ground and not involved in the crash. The cause of the accident hasn’t been released yet. The crash comes less than two months after another Black Hawk crashed in Alabama, killing two national guardsmen. Since 2018, the Army has averaged 5 deaths per year due to aviation accidents. Kentucky Governor Beshear said: “Today is a tough and tragic day for Kentucky, for the Fort Campbell and for the 101st. The nine individuals we lost are children of God. They will be mourned and missed by their families, by their communities.”

Photo 12456437 / Black Hawk © Kiraly Istvan Daniel | Dreamstime.com