40 People Dead After Russian Attack on Apartments

The war between Ukraine and Russia is still alive, with Russia dropping yet another devastating bomb in Ukraine. The strike hit an apartment building in Dnipro and 40 people have already been declared dead, however there are still rescue crews searching for more bodies. The strike happened on Saturday with what Ukraine’s air force calls a Kh-22 missile that came from Russia’s Kursk region.

Dnipropetrovsk regional Governor Valentyn Reznichenko had announced that 75 people were injured in the attack. He also revealed that the whereabouts of 30 of the victims were unknown. Ukraine was able to shoot down 21 of 33 missiles fired at them that day, but did not have the machinery to take down the Kh-22. European Union foreign policy chief Josep Borrell calls this airstrike on civilians another “inhumane aggression.”

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