Italy’s Most Wanted Mafia Boss Arrested

Italy’s most wanted man, Matteo Messina Denaro, has just been arrested in Sicily while being treated at a private health care facility. Denaro was the leader of the Cosa Nostra Mafia in Sicily and has been a fugitive since 1993, making him one of Europe’s most wanted men according to Europol. Chief of police Lamberto Giannini says “It is a victory for all the police forces that have worked together over these long years to bring the dangerous fugitive to justice,” congratulating both Italy’s military police and the Palermo Public Prosecutor’s Office.

Messina Denaro has had warrants for his arrest for nearly 30 years, many of which are for murder. He is thought to have ordered many Mafia related murders, along with being accused of torturing an enemy’s 11 year old son and bombings in Milan, Florence, and Rome. Messina Denaro is currently being held in a secret location.

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