Ketanji Brown Jackson Gets Sworn in as First Black Woman in the Supreme Court

On Thursday, Ketanji Brown Jackson made history by being the first ever Black woman to be sworn into the Supreme Court. According to ABC News, on Thursday, Chief Justice John Roberts, “administered the constitutional oath to Jackson, and retiring Justice Stephen Breyer, who Jackson clerked for some 20 years ago, administered the judicial oath.”.

Dr. Patrick Jackson, her husband, held a family bible, as well as the Harlan Bible, that Ketanji Brown Jackson held her hand on as she repeated the oaths. Justice Stephen Breyer, a mentor and friend of Jackson’s, shared his congratulations in a statement. According to ABC News, he said, “Jackson’s hard work, integrity, and intelligence have earned her a place on this Court. They gain a colleague who is empathetic, thoughtful, and collegial… Ketanji will interpret the law wisely and fairly, helping that law to work better for the American people, whom it serves.” Not only is Jackson the first Black woman sworn into the Supreme Court, but “her joining the court also makes it the first time four women will sit on the high court bench at the same time.”.

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