Carson Pickett Becomes First Player with Limb Difference to Play for the USWNT

American soccer player Carson Pickett, has become the first player with limb difference to play for the US Women’s National Team. The 28 year old was born without her left arm.

On the USWNT’s twitter, they tweeted, “Tonight, @Cars_Pickett16 will be the first-ever player with a limb difference to earn a #USWNT cap!” with “Kick it Like Pickett” at the top. According to CNN, in the National Women’s Soccer League, Pickett plays for the North Carolina Courage. Pickett has spoken out on social media about her limb difference in the past before. According to CBS, when it was Limb Difference and Limb Loss Awareness month, she said she was “confident and comfortable” showing her arm, as she knows “there are so many people in the world who aren’t.””. Pickett helped the US Women’s National Team win a 2-0 game against Columbia on Tuesday.

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