Texans Get Sued for Deshaun Watson’s Behavior

NFL team Houston Texans are being sued for allegedly enabling Deshaun Watson’s sexual misconduct. Watson, star quarterback, has been sued on 24 accounts of sexual assault, 20 of the cases have been settled.

Plaintiff attorney Tony Buzbee had previously said that he planned to sue the Houston Texans on behalf of his clients for their role in enabling Deshaun Watson’s behavior. After the settlement of 20 out of the 24 cases, Buzbee has kept his promise and has begun multiple lawsuits against the Texans.

Buzbee is confident that there is more than enough evidence to say that the Texans were aware or should have been aware of Watson’s activities. Genuine Touch, the massage company the Texans enlisted for their players, has disclosed that Watson refused a massage from them and was enlisting outside sources for his massages even though they informed him he could get himself into trouble.

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