Hong Kong’s Floating Restaurant “Jumbo” Sinks

A floating 260-foot long restaurant in Hong Kong has sunk after being towed to a location. Jumbo Kingdom is a three story restaurant whose design was inspired by the looks of Chinese Imperial Palaces. No crew members were injured.

According to CNN, the main boat of the floating restaurant “was traveling to an undisclosed shipyard when it capsized on Saturday after meeting “adverse conditions” near the Paracel Islands”. The ship reportedly sank more than 3,280 feet below the surface. The boat was retired, and on its way to a shipyard, due to the lack of profit it had been making since 2013. There is no plan to “rescue” the restaurant from under the ocean.

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  • dreamstime_s_17157035: Photo 17157035 © Vangelis | Dreamstime.com