Zoom Announces its Chromebook App Will be Shutting Down in August

In August of 2022, Zoom will be shutting down for Chromebook users. According to Business Today, Chromebook users will have to use “the new Zoom for Chrome PWA to join meetings on ChromeOS.”. The original Zoom app will no longer be supported by the devices.

Financial Express reported that Google has decided to delist and drop certain Chrome Apps from the app store, Zoom being one of them. Due to the app being old and “unusable” on Chromebooks, the original version of the Zoom application will be deleted. Users will still be able to use Zoom on their Chromebook if they switch to and use the Zoom Web App instead. The current Zoom the public is using now is considered a “bare bones” version of a Chrome OS application. The new “Zoom for Chrome PWA” app on Chrome OS is what users will utilize to join video meetings.

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