Germans Warned to Conserve their Energy Following Russia’s Gas Flow Stoppage to Europe

On Wednesday March 30th, Germany announced they would be putting in efforts to conserve their energy after they had an issue in payments with Russia. According to CNN Business, Germany did not agree with the Kremlin’s request of being paid in rubles rather than US dollars or Euros.

The government in Germany reportedly announced that while they “have enough gas for now”, they will need to work on efforts to conserve it. Germany is Russia’s largest gas consumer, and with Russia refusing the sale of the resource, Germany is in worry. The German government encouraged citizens to reduce their use of the scarce resource in their homes, and public buildings such as hospitals and stores. CNN Business reported that Germanyis currently in an “early warning stage”. If the problem worsens, they would “declare an “alarm,” followed by an “emergency.””. If Putin continues to cut off supplies with countries all around the world, a feared recession could occur.

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