China Launches New Aircraft Carrier

On Friday June 17th, China launched their 3rd new aircraft carrier, Fujian. According to CNN, Fujian is the most advanced aircraft carrier from the Shanghai Jiangnan Shipyard. The carrier is reported to have all new combat systems, similar to the ones found in US aircraft carriers.

The system is reported to “allow China to launch a wider variety of aircraft from Fujian faster and with more ammunition.”. Xinhua, the state-run news agency, reported that the carrier is “equipped with blocking devices, and a full-load displacement of more than 80,000 tons”, and can carry out moorings/navigation tests after launching. It is reported that now China has the largest naval force in the world, and after the launching of these aircraft carriers, it has become much stronger. Aircraft carriers are an essential vessel in a “power fleet”, and the more advanced ones a country has, such as the Fujian, the more powerful the country becomes.

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