Extreme Weather Conditions Force Yellowstone National Park to Close Off All Visitor Entrances

Yellowstone National Park has announced it’s closing off entrances for visitors due to extreme weather conditions and dangerous flooding. The park will remain closed through at the very least Wednesday. According to CNN, a Montana helicopter company has been transporting around 40 people out of the park. Many surrounding communities have also been reported to be left with no clean drinking water due to a broken water main with submerged wells, causing them to evacuate as well .

Laura Jones of Rocky Mountain Rotors spoke to CNN saying that, “We haven’t ‘rescued’ anyone that was in danger, we have mainly been transporting people out of there. We have also taken some passengers in who had pets they needed to get to or live there and needed to get home.” Although it is reported that no one has been hurt or dangerously affected by these floods directly, Yellowstone will be continuing to close off entrances to prevent these incidents from happening.

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