Names of 31 Patriot Front Members Arrested at Pride Event Released

The 31 Patriot Front Members who were arrested at a Pride Event in Idaho on Saturday have been released and identified. According to the Daily Beast, the members were planning on “intercepting a Pride in the Park event armed with a smoke grenade, riot gear, and paperwork that police described as resembling an operations plan”.

Officers found the members in the back of a U-Haul storage truck after they were tipped off about the potential plan the group wa pursuing. The Patriot Front is described by the Daily Beast as a “white-nationalist group which specializes in racist propaganda, vandalism, and “flash demonstrations” intended to intimidate minorities. “. All of the names and pictures of the Patriot Front Members have been released to the public, and can be found on a Facebook link provided by Kristofer Goldsmith, who tweeted the information.

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