EU Lawmakers Move to Ban the Sale of Gasoline Cars from 2035

Recently, European lawmakers have decided to vote to ban the sale of new gasoline and diesel cars from 2035. The vote happened on Wednesday, and according to CNBC News, 339 MEPs in the European Parliament voted in favor of the ban, 249 voted against it, and 24 abstained.

The vote in favor of this ban brings the EU steps closer to their reported goal of “cutting emissions from new passenger cars and light commercial vehicles by 100% in 2035”. Alex Keynes, the clean vehicles manager of Transport & Environment in Brussels, told CNBC that the plan will not only help fight climate change, but it will cause the production of electric vehicles to “ramp up”, making the prices lower for drivers and consumers as well. The EU has plans to be “carbon neutral” by 2050, and the first step of this plan is to get rid of sales dealing with vehicles that are not electric.

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