5 Marines Killed in Military Plane Crash in Southern California

On Wednesday, all 5 Marines on board military aircraft Osprey, were reported by the US Marine Corps to have been killed in a crash in California. According to the U.S. News, the aircraft went down at around 12:25pm, when Marine Maj. Mason Englehart said the marines were practicing a “routine live-fire training over their gunnery range in the Imperial Valley desert.”

The Marine Corps reported in a statement that they would be contacting the family members of the soldiers before the men are identified, according to a matter of policy. The Osprey, the aircraft they were flying, was reported by U.S News to be a “a hybrid airplane and helicopter, flew in the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan but has been criticized by some as unsafe”. This aircraft model has been reported by the LA Times to be the cause of 46 deaths.

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