Mother in Florida Charged After her 2-Year-Old Son Shoots Father in the Back

Mother Marie Rose Ayala, from Florida has been charged with manslaughter after her 2 year old son shot his father in the back. According to CNN, on May 26th, officers responded to a 911 call pertaining to a man who was shot. Marie’s husband, Reggie Mabry, was found on the ground with a gunshot wound, and Marie was giving him CPR until respondents arrived.

Reggie Mabry was taken to a hospital near their home, but was unfortunately pronounced dead. It has been reported that investigators thought the rule of the death was suicide, but it was determined that Reggie was shot in the back by someone else. Marie told officials that her husband was on his computer when she heard what was described as a “loud pop”. Her 5 year old child told police that “his 2-year-old brother had shot their father”. According to CNN, Marie is being charged with “manslaughter by culpable negligence, possession of a firearm by a convicted felon, possession of ammunition by a convicted felon and violation of probation,”. Officials told the news that the handgun was not stored away properly. It was stored in a backpack that was 3 feet off the ground, making it extremely accessible to her three young

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