Jennifer Lopez Gives Unforgettable MTV Awards Speech

This year’s MTV Generation Award was given to Jennifer Lopez, and when she accepted the award, she gave an acceptance speech that stunned many. The award show was broadcasted on Sunday, June 5th, and Lopez received a “lifetime achievement honor”.

According to MTV, Jennifer Lopez’s acceptance speech included thanks to her friends, family, and fans, but also highlighted her haters. She said “I want to thank all the people who told me when I wasn’t in the room, or sometimes to my face, that I could never do this,” crediting them for motivating her to continue on pursuing her career. Her mentioning her haters in the acceptance speech made people believe she was alluding to specific people that she had overheard doubting her. She ended that section of her speech with, “I really couldn’t have done this without you.”, before moving on to thanking her children, managers, and fiancé, Ben Afflack.

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