2 Dead in Iowa Church Shooting

Late on Thursday evening, a man shot and killed his ex-girlfriend as well as another woman before killing himself at the Cornerstone Church parking lot in Ames, Iowa. Both women were students of Iowa State University, victims were 21 and 22 years old. The gunman was an unnamed 33 year old man.

According to CNN, on May 31st, the gunman was arrested “on charges of third-degree harassment and impersonating a public official, all related to his recent breakup with one of the victims”. The gunman shot the women while they were entering the church, killing them instantly. Officials believe the murder occurred due to the gun-mans animosity toward one of the women for ending their relationship. A third woman was able to escape from being shot. Story County Sheriff Paul Fitzgerald said in a press conference that an AR-15 rifle, along with 9mm ammunition were found in the shooter’s home and truck. There were 80 other high school and college students in attendance that night for a youth Bible study.

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