Woman Gets Gored and Tossed Ten Feet by Bison at Yellowstone

On Monday, a 25 year old woman was gored and thrown 10 feet in the air by a Bison at
Yellowstone National Park. According to the Today Show, the woman was visiting from Ohio,
and approached the Bison where she was about 10 feet away from it. The bison was reported to
have been walking on a boardwalk near Black Sand Basin when the woman came up to it.
Yellowstone National Park said to NBC and Today that the bison, “gored the woman, tossing her
10 feet into the air,”, where she “sustained a puncture wound and other injuries.”.

Yellowstone National Park has a rule saying visitors must stay 25 feet away from any wildlife at
the park; a rule placed in hopes of preventing incidents such as this one. Animals such as bison
can behave unpredictably, and can run speeds up to 35 miles per hour, making them extremely
dangerous. Similar incidents such as the one described, have happened years ago in the same
park. The woman was taken to a hospital in Idaho where it was later announced she survived.

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