Kevin Spacey Plans to Appear “Voluntarily” in Court Following Sexual Assault Charges

During an appearance on Good Morning America, actor Kevin Spacey announced that
he would voluntarily be traveling to Britain to face the Crown Prosecution and defend his
innocence in a sexual assault trial.

Spacey is appreciative of the Crown for their reminder to the public that Spacey is
innocent until proven guilty. He is a part of three men being charged on four accounts of
sexual assault, one of which involved penetration without consent. These charges were
filed on events that took place in 2005, 2008, and 2013.

Actor Anthony Rapp spoke up in 2017 about Spacey assaulting him, to which 20 people
from the Old Vic Theater in London spoke up as well, this was where Spacey was
artistic director for 11 years. Old Vic reveals that they believe some victims may have
felt like they couldn’t speak up about what happened due to Spacey’s fame and status.

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