Miami Heat is Running Out of Time to Respond to the Boston Celtics

In game 6 of the NBA Eastern Conference Finals, the Miami Heat will be playing against
the Boston Celtics at the Celtics’ home court. Currently in the series the Celtics are
ahead with a 3-2 lead over the Heat, but this game determines a lot. If the Celtic’s win
game 6 tonight they have won the Eastern Conference title, but if they lose tonight
everything is up to game 7 which will be played in Miami.

After coming out of the box with a rough looking team, the Miami Heat have shocked
many fans and players with their surprising winning ability this season. Many players
were injured and the team was not coordinating, but their toughness and effort prevailed
when they needed it. The Celtics are favored to win game 6, but if they lose and take it
to 7 games the predictions may shift.

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