Wisconsin Family Kills Bear that Attacked them in their Own Home

On Friday in Medford, Wisconsin, a husband and wife killed a bear who attacked them in their
home. According to ABC News, the couple saw the bear eating from their bird feeder earlier in
the evening, but at around 11pm, the bear attacked them inside their home.

The couple reported to the Taylor County Sheriff’s office that the bear “charged through a
window after yelling at it to go away”. The man and woman were both injured by the bear, and
were treated for bites and other injuries at a local hospital. The man was able to defend himself
and his wife by stabbing the bear, before having to use a gun to kill it. Luckily, the couple’s
children were safe and asleep in their rooms during the attack. As the type of bear has not yet
been released, ABC News has confirmed that it was an adult female.

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