Suspect in Orange County Church Shooting Faces Murder Charges and 9 Other Counts

David Wenwei Chou, the man who opened fire on May 15th during a church service in Orange
County, could possibly face the death penalty. The 68 year old from Las Vegas, shot and killed
one man, and wounded 5 others during a Laguna Woods Taiwanese church service. According
to the LA Times, authorities have “characterized the shooting as an apparent political hate

Not only will Chou be faced with a murder charge, he will also five other accounts of attempted
murder. According to CNN, Chou will likely face “life in prison with out parole, or the death
penalty”. Sources also claim that Chou told members of the church that he had attended a
service there previously, pretending to be a parishioner so he would be trusted and allowed
inside. Authorities told CNN that under these circumstances, the “murder count will be
accompied with a “lying in wait” enhancement”. Chou has been denied bail, and will have his
arraignment take place on June 10th.

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