America Faces Baby Formula Shortage

Mothers of newborns everywhere are scrambling to find formula in stores during
nationwide baby formula shortage. This shortage began when the Covid19 pandemic
began, and has not been able to revert back to full supply since. Teaming up with the
pandemic, a Michigan formula plant has been shut down due to contamination, and
FDA recalls of certain products from popular baby food brands have created a
nationwide shock.

By the end of the first week of May, 43% of retailers around the country were out of
baby formula. This is an increase from 31% of retailers sold out in April, and only a
mere 11% in November of 2021. Many companies have started to limit the quantity of
formula containers shoppers can buy, similar to how products were sold during the

Moms everywhere are scrambling to pump breast milk if they can or find any amounts
of formula that may be available to them. President Joe Biden released a claim that
there will be imports of baby formula coming in soon that he believes will help relieve
some of the pressure off of worrying mothers.

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