Video Chat Service Zoom May Develop Email Tools

Amid the recent coronavirus pandemic forcing schools and jobs to switch to virtual, the video chatting service Zoom has gained massive popularity, and shares have climbed 500%. To counter Zoom’s rapid growth, other companies such as Microsoft and Google have also adapted their own Zoom features like breakout rooms for their video chatting services.

Zoom however, has recently announced that they will be taking on these companies in expanding their services by developing its own email and calendar apps, according to a report from The Information. CEO Eric Yuan told the publication he envisions “broadening the company’s videoconferencing service into a full-fledged platform that would include email, messaging and other productivity tools.”

Many are skeptical about the company’s new plans however, as they’re unsure whether the service should alter its platform given that most companies and individuals already have certain services they prefer. Regardless, if Zoom intends to execute these new plans, they should do so quickly, as their window of opportunity may fade with new coronavirus vaccines being released.