Wonder Woman and Soul Set to Debut on Streaming Platforms Christmas Day

Streaming platforms HBO Max and Disney Plus are both preparing for two major films, which are set to debut Christmas Day, on their services. HBO Max will be premiering WarnerMedia’s “Wonder Woman 1984” simultaneously with theaters, and Disney Plus will be premiering Pixar’s “Soul.”

Both films were set to release earlier this year with “Wonder Woman 1984,” initially being planned to release in theaters in June, and “Soul,” in theaters the week of Thanksgiving, however both were delayed due to the recent pandemic. After being pushed several times to a later date, WarnerMedia decided to release Wonder Woman as a double premiere on both the streaming platform HBO Max as well as in theaters. After hearing this news, Disney Plus decided to counter by releasing “Soul” on its own streaming platform the same day, in hopes to take away some of the attention from the super-hero film.

Disney Plus currently has 60.5 million subscribers while HBO Max, which launched in June, has just 12.5 million subscribers. HBO Max however, is expected to grow steadily following its partnerships with Roku and Amazon Fire, as well as WarnerMedia’s recent announcement that it will be releasing all its 2021 movies both in theaters and on the streaming platform. According to WarnerMedia, around every three weeks a new Warner movie will be released both on the streaming service, as well as in theaters the same day.