Dr. Birx Hints Plans to Retire

White House coronavirus response coordinator Dr. Deborah Birx implied during a Tuesday interview she plans to retire from government duties at some point in the near future, hinting at recent news reports concerning travel to her family vacation home following the public advice she gave just prior to Thanksgiving, saying travelers could spread the coronavirus considerably and recommending people stay home.

Reportedly, Birx’ Thanksgiving holiday trip to one of her vacation properties located on Fenwick Island in Delaware included three generations of family members from two separate households. Birx defended her actions saying the trip was not to celebrate the holiday, but rather to winterize the home and prepare it for possible sale. She also said everyone on the trip is part of her “immediate household,” acknowledging they do live in two separate dwellings. Birx also commented on the difficulty her family has endured, saying they have “tried to be supportive,” despite the fact that her elderly parents and daughter have been in isolation for ten months which has taken its toll on them including causing depression.

Dr. Birx said she will remain available to the incoming Biden administration for as long as she is needed so they can “be successful,” and then she plans to retire, adding the whole experience has been “overwhelming” and difficult for her family.