Cyber Attack on Government May Be Worse Than Initially Expected

The recent discovery of cyber-attacks on government and corporate computer systems have raised concerns that the hacks may be much worse and occurring far longer than officials initially thought. US government cybersecurity experts suspect Russian hackers are behind the ongoing high-level cyber intrusions. Microsoft identified over 40 company customers targeted by the hacking campaign, saying 80% were based in the United States.

The National Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency at the Department of Homeland Security issued a warning on Thursday of a “grave threat” currently risking security the of private and government computer networks, which has compromised the “critical infrastructure” with a highly sophisticated cyberattack on crucial systems, including at the US Department of Energy.

In his final days in the presidential office, Donald Trump has a new issue to contend with, although reportedly has not taken any official action and has remained reluctant to speak on the matter or point any blame at Moscow. President-elect Joe Biden issued a statement saying this serious threat to national security will be one of his administration’s top priorities “from the moment we take office.” It appears the Biden Administration will be forced to contend with the issue without any support from the outgoing president. The official response could potentially bring criminal charges, sanctions or possibly even cyber retaliation against those responsible for the breach.