Electoral College Formalizes Joe Biden Victory

On Monday, state electors formalized their votes officiating Joe Biden as the next President of the United States. President-elect Biden gave a brief televised speech on Monday night, saying “Democracy prevailed,” and voiced his objections to President Donald Trump’s unprecedented “assault on Democracy,” saying Trump was given every available resource and “course of action” to contest the election results, which have been proven over and over to be legitimate. Election and security officials nationwide have repeatedly stated this was the most secure election in the history of our country. Biden prevailed with over 7 million votes more than Trump, securing his victory.

President-elect Biden reiterated his campaign promise to unify the country and work hard to be the president for “all Americans,” whether they voted for him or not, saying everyone shares “a common love for this country.” Biden also commended the job of the 538-member Electoral College, saying despite the difficulties of the pandemic, and even death threats, they carried out their responsibility honorably in accordance with Constitutional Law.

The six battleground states which Trump contested vigorously with numerous unfounded lawsuits – Georgia, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Arizona and Nevada – have made it official with their ballots cast for President-elect Biden. Congress is set to officially count the electoral votes on January 6 to formalize the process of Joe Biden taking office in the White House following his inaugural ceremony on January 20.