Google Reveals Most Searched for Terms in 2020

As 2020 is beginning to come to an end, Google has released the most searched for terms throughout the year. As expected, the majority of searched items included inquiries about the coronavirus, however there were many other trending searches about political issues as well as recent celebrity deaths as well.

Google revealed that in addition to searches about COVID-19, there were also many about US elections, Black Lives Matter, Australian bushfires, as well as the deaths of Kobe Bryant, Maradona and Chadwick Boseman. Unsurprisingly, ranked at number one for the most searched term was the word “coronavirus,” accompanied by “coronavirus update” and “coronavirus symptoms” ranked at seventh and eighth.

“From the global pandemic to the history-making US elections, the year in search continues to recapitulate the top search trends, offering a unique perspective to the questions internet users have asked on Google Search,” the company said.