Hunter Biden Faces Criminal Investigation

The US Justice Department initiated an investigation on Tuesday into the finances of Hunter Biden, the son of President-elect Joe Biden, who has been the target of President Trump and his political allies since 2018, just prior to Joe Biden announcing he would run for president. Reportedly, the investigation has nothing to do with the President-elect. Hunter Biden announced his knowledge of the investigation on Wednesday, saying he is “taking this matter very seriously,” and is confident the outcome will reveal he handled his financial matters appropriately and within the law.  

It is not clear which financial matters or entities are connected to the federal probe although, according to a report published by the Associated Press, there is reason to believe it includes some business dealings with China. Reportedly, the investigation was on hold prior to and during the presidential election due to departmental practices which prohibit investigations during such time.  

Hunter Biden has long been involved in international business dealings, which Joe Biden has repeatedly stated are completely legal. Trump and his associates have, ironically, continued their accusations of Hunter Biden profiting by his political connections and have pursued unsubstantiated corruption charges against the younger Biden’s business dealings in the Ukraine.