Covid Stimulus Expected to Be Delayed

As millions of Americans across the country face losing their unemployment benefits amid the advancing rise of Covid cases nationwide, Congress is under exceeding pressure to pass a stimulus relief bill prior to their holiday recess which is set to begin at the end of this week. Lawmakers in Washington have failed to break their months-long deadlock and arrive at a compromise to shore up the country’s crumbling economy and assist those hardest hit by the pandemic.

Representatives in both the House and Senate recently reignited talks to attempt to agree on terms; however, it appears they will be forced to tack stimulus relief onto the annual spending budget in order to have any chance of passing the much-needed Covid relief funding by December 11.

If Congress fails the imperative task at hand, 12 million people will lose their jobless benefits right after Christmas Day. With health experts and officials sounding the alarm of a “dark winter,” survival for many will depend on leaders getting the job done. The recent surge in Covid cases, which is expected to only get worse, has added restrictions on businesses across the country who were already suffering economic losses caused by the pandemic.