Scott Atlas Resigns from Trump Advisory Team

Dr. Scott Atlas, who has been the White House health and science adviser to the president since August, vacated his position on Monday and issued a formal letter of resignation to President Trump, which he posted on Twitter. Atlas stated he had worked hard with the singular focus of saving lives and helping Americans get through the pandemic and wished the incoming administration well as they navigate “these trying, polarized times.”

Dr. Atlas also said he relied on the latest scientific information without any political prejudice and always focused on minimizing the ill effects of the pandemic and structural policies in general which, he said, he believes are especially harmful to the poor and working class in America.

Atlas had 130 days of service available in his role as a special government staff member, which was previously scheduled to end this week. He had been appointed after an appearance on Fox News was viewed by Trump and became a controversial figure in his advisory position for his lack of infectious disease and scientific experience. Reportedly, he often contributed to the president’s downplaying of the severity of the pandemic. Dr. Robert Redfield, who directs the US Centers for Disease Control, was overheard last September expressing his opinion that Atlas was spreading misinformation about the coronavirus.