Coronavirus Hospitalizations Surpass 91,000 Patients in US

US Surgeon General Jerome Adams is urging all Americans who gathered with friends and family over the Thanksgiving holiday to get tested for COVID-19. On Sunday, top US infectious disease expert Dr. Anthony Fauci warned of a “surge superimposed upon” surge on top of an already alarming rise in case numbers. Health officials are continuing to strongly advise the increase could be mitigated if people would follow simple guidelines of wearing a mask, washing hands thoroughly, avoiding crowds and gatherings and practicing social distancing, which have been outlined by disease experts repeatedly since the pandemic outbreak began.

Health officials are imploring all Americans to take aggressive measures to curb the upward spread, which is beginning to overwhelm hospitals and healthcare workers across the nation. As of Sunday, hospitalizations reached over 91,000 patients in the US, with expectations of a worsening upward spike over the next several weeks.

Deborah Birx, who coordinates the White House coronavirus task force, said the number of cases could rise to as much as 10 times that of the height reached following Memorial Day weekend. Brix, in unison with task force officials, strongly advised everyone, even those in low-risk communities, to self-restrict for the sake of curbing what experts fear could become an out-of-control upsurge.