Biden Names Cabinet Members, Picks First Woman as Head of Treasury

President-elect Joe Biden finally received official notification from White House General Services Administrator Emily Murphy to formally begin the process of transitioning his new administration and now has access to federal funds and agencies required to achieve a peaceful transfer of power. Biden began naming Cabinet members on Monday, which includes Janet Yellen as Secretary of the Treasury, who many believe has the qualifications and experience to handle a fragile economic landscape amid the pandemic crisis.

Yellen is the first woman ever to be chosen as Treasury Secretary and, with her experience as former Federal Reserve Chair, a high level of confidence is anticipated, including in the financial sector which boomed during her service from 2014-2018. She also has broad range support from those who are familiar with her characteristic efficiency and patience.

Bi-partisan support for Janet Yellen includes confidence in her ability to create stability both on Wall Street and Main Street with the qualifications to reinforce the Biden Administration plans for rebuilding the country’s economy. Former federal treasury official Sarah Bloom Raskin, who has been outspoken on the need to address the increasing climate crisis from a financial perspective, believes Yellen will faithfully implement Biden’s ambitious agenda for US regulators to incorporate environmental solutions as well as address the economic needs of those adversely affected by the pandemic.