AstraZeneca Vaccine 70% Effective

British-Swedish Pharmaceutical maker AstraZeneca announced positive findings in its coronavirus vaccine testing, saying its efficacy rate is 70% in their larger trials with no safety issues reported. The company has been conducting testing of its vaccine in cooperation with Oxford University in England and also found 90% effective results with one dose administered in a half shot regimen spaced about a month apart. The second dosage concluded an overall 62% effectiveness. The completed tests averaged 70% effective across all trails conducted, according to a spokesperson for the company. The majority of test participants who took the full dose regimen showed the 62% effective rate, while a smaller control group who received a combination of one-half dose and one full dose showed the 90% effective result. AstraZeneca did not disclose why there was a considerable average difference in the various trial results.

The study’s lead analyst, Professor Andrew Pollard of Oxford University, stated asymptomatic infection numbers were reduced with the smaller dose testing which concluded a decrease in transmission rates. Professor Pollard said the objective of the vaccine is to trick the recipient’s immune system into responding to an infection, thereby triggering an immune defense. Pollard also stated AstraZeneca explored various levels of the virus infection while conducting their vaccine trials, including mild cases which are more difficult to anticipate.