Mars Candy Company to Acquire Kind Bars

In an effort to add healthy snacks to their sugary sweet product line, Mars Candy Company, known for its iconic favorites such as M&Ms, Milky Way, Twix, Skittles, Three Musketeers, Snickers and more, has agreed to acquire healthy snack maker Kind Bars. With an increasing consumer demand for healthier snacks and treats, Mars recognized the need to fill a void in their product line in order to steer their business towards the healthy snack food trend.  

Mars made an initial investment in Kind Bars in 2017, which put Kind Bars on an international trajectory to distribute their granola and protein bar selections in more than 35 countries, and afforded them the wherewithal to expand their product line to include nut butter-based refrigerated snack bars and dark chocolate treats. The company’s research has indicated that since the onset of the pandemic, while consumers still reach for sweet snacks, the trend is increasing more towards healthier sweets. The privately owned Mars Candy Company has not yet disclosed terms of the deal, which was initially announced in a press release on Tuesday.