Biden Prepares for Transition Despite Trump Administration Blockade

President-elect Joe Biden hosted a virtual round-table talk on Wednesday afternoon with front-line healthcare workers as part of his preparatory plans to tackle COVID-19 head-on as a top priority. Despite the Trump Administration blocking Biden’s transition team from critical coronavirus information and access to top governmental health officials, Biden is diligently holding meetings with his own coronavirus task force advisors as well as other health advisory experts.

Biden has said getting the coronavirus under control is an urgent priority as the pandemic worsens and the death toll grows higher with each passing day. Preparing for vaccine distribution on a wide scale in the coming months will require a coordinated and unified effort in order to be successful.

Emily Murphy, General Services Administrator for the White House, is under increasing pressure as the weight of the presidential transition commencement rests on her shoulders. Reportedly, Murphy believes she is stuck in a “no-win” situation, not being able to sign off on the official transition process as Trump continues to refuse to concede the election to Biden. Trump is still persisting in an uphill and costly battle to contest the election results with several lawsuits which are widely viewed as a futile effort.