Biden Begins Transition While Trump Refuses to Share Coronavirus Information

President-elect Joe Biden has begun the process of transitioning his new administration to the White House in anticipation of beginning to officially govern in January of 2021. President Donald Trump is not backing down with his refusal to concede the election to Biden and is rejecting widespread appeals to share vital COVID-19 information with Biden’s transition team and recently appointed coronavirus task force.

The American Medical Association is imploring Trump to cooperate in a coordinated effort with Biden’s team and share crucial information which can help save American lives. Dr. Susan Bailey, AMA president, said in an interview with CNN that, considering the dangerous skyrocketing surge in COVID-19 cases presently, “there just isn’t a moment to waste.” The concern among leading health officials is that all information should be shared for the sake of preventing unnecessary coronavirus deaths across the country. By leaders working together, we have a better chance of ensuring everyone is doing everything possible curb the deadly spread. Bailey also said that front-line healthcare workers are battling a two-fronted war: the virus itself and an ongoing effort to spread misinformation.

On Monday, President-elect Biden stated that the Trump campaign’s continued challenge of the election results could potentially impede his incoming administration’s ability to effectively distribute forthcoming vaccines which are anticipated to save many lives.