US Hits 11 Million Coronavirus Cases

As coronavirus cases soar across the country, Johns Hopkins University reports show a record 11.04 million cases nationwide as of Monday. States which are being highly impacted by the surge are beginning to re-implement lockdown restrictions as 45 out of 50 states reported more new cases in the past week than any time since the onset of the pandemic. Currently hotspots are not isolated to specific regions, but have become widespread across the entire country. The death toll reached over 246,000 with 1,266 coronavirus deaths reported in a single day on Saturday.

Officials are urging the public to use common sense to help curb the considerable uptick in COVID-19 virus infections, suggesting that people changing their behavior and taking the pandemic seriously is more important and more effective than lockdown restrictions can be. The rapid surge is forcing some states into a scramble to curtail the escalating spread by implementing mask wearing mandates and closing dining inside restaurants. Officials are cautioning the public not to travel or attend large gatherings with friends and family members during the upcoming holiday season, which can add to the ongoing spread. Hospitals nationally are currently experiencing an all-time high, with over 69,000 new admissions on Saturday alone, as health officials report facilities and front-line workers are becoming overwhelmed beyond capacity.