States Cite No Ballot Irregularities Despite Trump’s Ongoing Claims

The election process nationwide has been fairly seamless, as election and state officials have reported no detection of any irregularities in their ballot counting procedures. Following his defeat for re-election, President Trump mounted a plethora of lawsuits alleging fraud, which has not been substantiated either by Trump himself or any of the states in question.

Due to the pandemic, 107 million people either chose to vote early or cast their mail-in ballot, which some states needed extra time to count. Since states create and abide by their own election rules, some, such as Pennsylvania, only began counting mail-in ballots on election day. There have been no reported inconsistencies in the process which brought Joe Biden to victory as the country’s president-elect with 290 electoral votes. Trump stands at 214 electoral votes of the 270 needed for re-election.

President Trump is currently seeking to discredit key states which have declared Biden the projected winner. State officials have openly challenged Trump’s unfounded claims, reporting they have not detected any wrongdoing in their elections, and have actually stated things went smoother than anticipated considering the overwhelming number of ballots they needed to count, with an historic number of voters turning out for the 2020 election.