Fox News Cuts Away from Press Secretary During Voter Fraud Speech

During their broadcast on Monday night of an unofficial briefing by Kayleigh McEnany, Fox News cut away from the White House press secretary while she repeated Donald Trump’s unfounded allegations of voter fraud and echoed his refusal to accept defeat in the presidential election. McEnany was speaking during what she referred to as a “campaign event” held at the national Republican committee headquarters.

Fox News host Neil Cavuto said from the studio he could not continue to show the viewing audience McEnany’s reiteration of Trump’s unfounded claims, saying she was “charging the other side” with condoning fraudulent illegal voting. After cutting the video feed to McEnany, Cavuto went on to say the charges are explosive and false accusations of “effectively rigging and cheating” need to be backed up by some evidence of proof. Fox network owner Rupert Murdoch has been distancing from Trump loyalty in recent days, informing its audience that, despite his contrary claims, Trump has in fact lost the election.

The majority of Republican senior lawmakers continue to refuse to accept the results or recognize Joe Biden as the President-elect, which is making the traditional transfer of power process an unprecedented difficult situation for Biden’s transition team to begin. What should be a seamless procedure to access funds and begin staffing to prepare for the arrival of the new administration, is presently being impeded by Trump and those around him who refuse to accept the outcome of the presidential election.