Biden to Create COVID Transition Team

During his victory speech on Saturday, President-elect Joe Biden reinforced his campaign promise to quickly assemble a coronavirus task force and get to work combating the pandemic. Biden will convene his expert transition team on Monday to map out a comprehensive plan to effectively address the relentless health crisis facing our country and the world.

Biden is set to meet with top advisers including the nation’s Surgeon General, Vivek Murthy, as well as the FDA Commissioner, David Kessler, to strategize on the most effective approach to tackling the ongoing pandemic, which has already taken close to 238,000 American lives and infected over 10 million, as cases across the country continue to rise daily. The United States ranks number one worldwide, with the most COVID-19 cases and highest percentage of deaths. India and Brazil are second and third, respectively.

Biden’s outline includes a national mask mandate, which will not be forced but strongly suggested as a simple measure to help curb the ongoing spread. Leading health officials have advised wearing a mask and washing hands thoroughly as the most effective tools we have to fight the virus since the pandemic outbreak began last spring.

President-elect Biden continues to reiterate his intention to stop the politicizing of our public health crisis and get down to the monumental task of saving lives, beginning with the logical suggestion that wearing a mask can and does stop the spread of the deadly disease.