US Hits Over 120,000 New COVID Cases in One Day

Coronavirus cases in the US are trending upwards and hit an all-time one day high of 129,606 cases on Friday. Twenty states reported increased numbers of positive cases bringing the nationwide COVID-19 case total to 9,581,770 with a death toll of 234,264 American lives, according to data posted by the CDC (US Centers for Disease Control).

The Midwest is currently experiencing the highest surge in cases. Illinois reported over 10,000 new daily infections for the first time since the pandemic began. Record case numbers are also being seen in Ohio, Nebraska, Wisconsin, Kansas, Missouri, North Dakota and Indiana. Texas is currently one of the hardest-hit states, with over 10% of all US cases and the only state on the verge of surpassing 1-million coronavirus infections.

One-day record increases were also set in Rhode Island, Maine, North Carolina, Arkansas, Idaho, Colorado, Nevada, Utah, New Mexico, Wyoming and Washington state. An appeals court in Wisconsin blocked an extended public gathering measure put forth by Governor Tony Evers, which expired on Friday. The order would have continued imposing a limit of 25% capacity for use of a building’s indoor space. Some cities are implementing curfews and curbing gatherings on the state level. There are currently no federal guidelines in place and seventeen states do not have any mask requirement mandates.