Trump Falsely Declares Victory while Biden Urges Patience

In the early morning hours of the election overnight, President Trump falsely declared victory in the 2020 presidential election, calling for votes to stop, despite the fact that voting had in fact ended but ballot counting had not. Just to be clear, it is illegal for anyone to stop election ballot counting under federal law. Trump also stated he would call upon the Supreme Court to halt the vote counting process in those states where he currently leads with no official results yet confirmed.

Trump further claimed his suspicion of “fraud” in the election process and said it is “an embarrassment to the country,” insisting he had won North Carolina and Georgia and is on track to take Pennsylvania. Governor Tom Wolf expressed his commitment to counting every single vote, calling Trump’s declaration an attack on Pennsylvania’s election process.

The President further accused his opponents of disenfranchising his supporters and vowed to stop unspecified attempts at delegitimizing the election. Several Republicans, including Trump’s close ally, former Governor of New Jersey, Chris Christie, condemned Trump’s actions saying his claims have “no basis.”

Presidential contender Joe Biden spoke to his supporters Wednesday morning, urging patience to allow for the process to legally follow its course. Biden stated he believes he is “on track” to winning and said it’s not over until “every vote” and “every ballot is counted.” Biden did not prematurely declare victory, saying it may take a while for the results to be confirmed.