Cruise Lines Cancel Trips Until 2021 Due to Restrictions

Citing pandemic-related restrictions, major cruise line carriers announced extended cancellations until at least early 2021. Royal Caribbean Group, which represents six of the major carriers, along with Norwegian Cruise Lines, stated on Monday they are extending their 7-month cruise-halts. Prior to the announcement, the carriers had anticipated only cancelling cruises through late November.

The decision came following the CDC (Centers for Disease Control) lifting its “no-sail” guidance for ships in US waters, which seemed hopeful until the CDC replaced it with a new conditional order which the cruise line companies say is too complicated to risk. One of the difficulties is an application for a “Conditional Sailing Certificate,” which requires a 60-day wait period from the time of approval before a ship can resume sailing. The new conditions have put the cruise liners at odds with the ability to book passengers and schedule cruises for any near future dates.

The new CDC guidelines were issued amid an upswing of COVID-19 infection rates in the US as well as Europe, where some major carriers which sail in US waters are based. With new lock-down restrictions imposed in certain countries, the already limited cruises across Europe have recently come to a grinding halt.