White House Task Force Warns of Relentless Covid Spread

The White House coronavirus task force advisory group is warning of an extensive and relentless COVID-19 spread, urging aggressive prevention measures be taken to curb the ongoing infection rate. Dr. Anthony Fauci, the country’s leading infectious disease expert and member of the task force, stated we are “going in the wrong direction” on a “very difficult trajectory,” noting cases are on the rise in 47 states and healthcare facilities are becoming overwhelmed nationwide. Fauci warned, during an evening interview with CNBC on Wednesday, if things don’t improve, there will be a lot of suffering with “additional cases, hospitalizations, and deaths.” The White House task force urged Midwest and Western states in particular to heed their warning and take aggressive action to curb both symptomatic and asymptomatic spreading of the infectious pandemic disease.

As the presidential candidates’ court undecided voters in the lead up to election day, Joe Biden and the Democratic party continue to emphasize the Trump Administration’s mishandling of the pandemic which has led to over 228,000 American deaths. Trump pushing to reopen economies in states with widespread cases has often gone against the opinion of his own advisers. Mark Meadows, White House Chief of Staff, defended the administration on Thursday, saying vaccines and therapeutic medications are “on the way.”