Supreme Court Rules Against Republicans on Key States Mail-in Ballot Extensions

The Supreme Court issued a ruling on Wednesday, striking a harsh blow to the Republican party’s efforts to quell mail-in ballot deadline extensions in the battleground states of Pennsylvania and North Carolina, which are central to President Trump’s chances of re-election.

The decision to uphold a ruling issued by Pennsylvania’s highest court allows for mail-in ballots to be counted up to three days past November 3, as long as they are postmarked on or before Election Day. SCOTUS had already rejected the Republican’s prior request on October 19 to block the state court’s decision, when the justices abstained from considering their appeal.

The high court also rejected a request from the Trump campaign to block the mail-in ballot deadline in North Carolina, allowing for the six-day ballot counting extension to remain in effect.

The decisions did not include the newest Supreme Court Justice, Amy Coney Barrett, recently appointed by Trump. A spokesperson for Justice Barrett stated she simply did not have enough time to properly review the case filings in full detail.