President Trump Ends 60 Minutes Interview Early

During a taping at the White House for “60 Minutes” with CBS correspondent Lesley Stahl on Tuesday, President Trump abruptly ended the interview, stating the questions were “biased” and threatened to release it ahead of the scheduled Sunday broadcast. Trump tweeted the interview is “FAKE” and said “Everyone should compare this terrible Electoral Intrusion with the recent interviews of Sleepy Joe Biden!”

60 Minutes has historically interviewed presidential candidates to reveal their positions on important issues prior to a general election. Trump later tweeted an accusation that Stahl was not wearing a mask while in the White House. CBS confirmed she had a mask on when entering, but removed it while conducting the interview from a safe social distance. Stahl and the show’s producers tested negative for COVID-19 earlier in the day, according to CBS News.

Trump’s campaign adviser, Jason Miller, further tweeted that the interview had not ended abruptly, echoing Trump’s rhetoric of “very fake news.” Miller also threatened to release the interview in its entirety ahead of the CBS broadcast, “so people can see for themselves.”

Trump has been interviewed twice before by Leslie Stahl. Once as president-elect in 2016 and once during his presidency in 2018.