GMC Announces Electric Hummer to Compete with Tesla

During the World Series broadcast Tuesday night, General Motors Corporation showcased its brand-new GMC Hummer EV, which they are producing in a direct effort to compete with high-end electric vehicle maker, Tesla. GMC promises their new zero-emission completely electric vehicle will deliver all the luxury and performance features of a high-end sports car with new technologies capable of off-roading in comfort and style.

The Hummer EV model, which comes with a high price tag of close to $113,000 MSRP, will be available beginning next year in the fall. The elite new model will include all the prestige of previous Hummer models, without the excessive gas consumption its predecessors are known for. The new 2022 model is just as big and bold, but offers drivers enhanced performance in what GM referred to as “the world’s first super truck.”

GM’s target marketing for the Hummer EV super vehicle is aimed at luxury car buyers who want an elevated experience of the original military-inspired vehicle. The company anticipates the Hummer EV to become a “must-have item” among exotic vehicle buyers.