Stimulus Check Deadline Set for Tuesday

In what’s been nothing short of a dizzying back and forth between both sides of the aisle, the long-awaited second round of stimulus for a struggling US economy is yet again being dangled by the powers that be. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi set a Tuesday deadline for lawmakers to come to an agreement in what skeptics doubt will pass the Republican-held Senate.

With Election Day around the corner in just two weeks, President Donald Trump appealed for a deal, saying he’s willing to match the $2.2 trillion package, or more, Democrats have been promoting. Majority Leader Mitch McConnell reiterated Senate Republicans will not approve the Democratic package.

It appears talks between Pelosi and Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin are back on the agenda, after repeated breakdowns and failures to come to an agreement. Pelosi and Mnuchin are scheduled to resume talks at 3 pm on Monday in yet another attempt to iron out several coronavirus related stimulus issues – including testing and state aid, which have been among the primary reasons for their unsuccessful attempts at reaching a compromise.

Negotiation developments, which resumed over the weekend, put a spark of optimism back on Wall Street, boosting the US stock index futures in Asian market early trading on Monday.